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Hello and welcome to Top Animal Comics! :D

Just some general rules about this group:
-Please respect all other members
-Please no offensive comments towards this group and its members
-Submit to the right folders and please make sure your comics are about animals.
-Any art is allowed (digital, traditional, ect.)
-Please no nudity, violence, or any other mature themes.
-NO STOLEN ART. Make sure you submit your own artwork.
-Not really a rule, but the art submiting limit is 2 a day.
-If you brake the rules you will be warned, and after braking the rules for a second time you will be kicked out.
-And please have fun! :aww:

For those wanting to join:
Anyone can join, as long as you want to contribute your animal comic art or if you like animals and comics.

If you would like to Affiliate, just send us a request. Just make sure your group is related to animals or animal comics.

Thanks for reading,
Haloheart :D
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June 6, 2011


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